I am a frequent commentator in local and national media on issues related to social movements and social change. I also comment on university issues and politics. Here are some recent examples:

The Current: Climate protestors resort to stronger tactics to get the world’s attention

Can I Have a Word? CKCUFM: Social change and social movements – a field guide with Prof. Roberta Lexier

Ottawa Citizen: Democracy the big loser in the ‘Freedom Convoy’

The Tyee: This is Kennyism

The Sprawl: Did the Alberta NDP Do Enough With Its Power?

Calgary Herald: ‘Division is not the answer’: Thousands gather for anti-racism protest through downtown Calgary

CBC News: Dissent from a distance: How Alberta activists are coping with physical distancing rules

Global News: From Hong Kong to Chile – was 2019 the year of protests?

Alberta Advantage Podcast: Chicago Principles: Free Speech or Coddling Campus Conservatives?

Global News: Yes, there are more protests around the world – and here’s why

Sunday Edition: Corporate Welfare Bums

Global Radio Toronto: Shocker: Canadian government dishes out the big bucks for Corporate Welfare

Alberta Advantage Podcast: Corporate Welfare Bums! David Lewis and the CCF

Corporate Welfare Bums: It’s Payback Time

A modest proposal for an NDP that urgently needs an identity and a mojo

Interview on Rob Breakenridge Show on NDP

Alberta Advantage Podcast: The Waffle, The NDP, and Full Breakfast Socialism

United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Or Do We?

It’s Been Six Months Since the Women’s March. What’s Happened to the Canadian Movement?

Lexier: More education will put Alberta at the head of the class

Why there’s a local Women’s March on Washington the day after Trump was sworn in

The Purpose of Higher Education: Three National StudiesInterview on CHQR on the role of the NDP

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